Fall season brings tours to Cal U


Cal U Public Relations

California University of Pennsylvania campus

Abbie Kefalas, Contributing Writer

As fall approaches, students start to see more and more tours on Cal U’s campus. Its that time of year where high school students start to think about where they want to spend the next four years of their lives.

Trained student tour guides typically do the tours of the University. During open house events, student tour guides are usually paired with a University staff member, alumni or another member of the faculty to assist with the tour.

“Tours give prospective students an opportunity to emerge themselves into the University for an hour or so and see what life will be like it they choose to attend Cal U.” said sophomore Maggie Cave, who has been a University Tour Guide since January 2018.  Prospective students, Graduate students and even Alumni can access any tours directly through the University webpage. Individuals can choose a campus tour or register for a special event as well. 

“Visiting campus and scheduling an Undergraduate Campus Tour was a major factor on why I decided to come here,” senior Logan Ring said. 

There are other tours provided on campus, such as self-guided campus tours. Prospective students can take campus tours on their own and whoever else they may want with them. 

The Welcome Center is open Monday through Friday 8am-4pm, they provide campus maps and allow people who want to take tours but want to be able to do it at their own pace. 

“I felt the tours were effective and helped me make my mind up about attending Cal U,” said sophomore Caitlyn Ricco. “I just wish I could have seen the different options of rooms in the residence halls, I personally wanted to see a quad since that was what I would be staying in.”

However, those who want a more in-depth tour of Cal U’s campus can register on the university’s webpage to be matched up with a student leader who is able to take you on a customizable tour of the campus and share their own personal experiences at Cal as well. 

“I live in Maryland, so I wasn’t familiar with Cal U,” Ring said. “I was able to ask the student guide questions, take a look at residence halls and get other important information.”

After guided tours, individuals can talk one-on-one with an admissions counselor, as well as registering to meet with faculty members.

“When taking a tour with a student tour guide you get a look into what a student’s life, what its really like. We typically use personal stories to explain how things work sometimes and it helps students to place themselves into the school, classrooms, residence halls and dining facilities.” Said Maggie Cave. 

On campus events can also be registered for anyone who would like to immerse themselves and explore Cal U. These special events, a big example is Open House, include more information about academics, campus tours, and answering questions. 

Blaze, Cal U’s mascot also makes an appearance at these events, as well as faculty members.

“I have had students before share at the end of the tour that they were between Cal U and another school, after taking the tour at Cal they decided that they wanted to attend,” Senior Megan Collins, a University Tour Guide for 2 years, said.