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The importance of the midterm elections

What’s it mean for Democrats, Republicans, & everyone in between?

U.S. President Donald J. Trump

U.S. President Donald J. Trump

U.S. President Donald J. Trump

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On November 6th, the Pennsylvania general midterm elections will be taking place with results that will help to change the political landscape of the state and the nation.

Voting for candidates that will best represent the views and ideas that are important to citizens is the way in which the government functions. Elected officials run America by creating or passing the legislature and speaking up for issues that are important to them as well as their constituents. 

However, according to while about 60% eligible voters participate in the presidential elections only 40% turnout for midterm elections. As we approach the coming races for the House of Representatives, Governor, district, Senate and other open seats it is more important than ever to vote.

For the Republican party, this race is critical in maintaining majority control of Congress and Senate. This allows them to make essential decisions or block legislature that does not align with the agenda of the party. 

This election for Pennsylvania Republicans is especially important according to the political editor for KDKA, Jon Delano. In his opinion, he believes that if the state elects Scott Wagner over incumbent Tom Wolf that the state of Pennsylvania will stay Republican controlled. 

Many articles and early predictions speculate that this upcoming midterm election could end in what is being called the “blue wave.” This would turn control into the hands of the Democrat party and leave the Republican party in the minority giving Democrats control over the house and senate. 

The implications of this shift would have an incredible impact on the current nature of the political landscape ranging from the reversal of decisions made by the Republicans to potentially impeaching President Donald Trump.

Involvement in the midterm elections is essential to making decisions specifically for those feeling flustered with the current administration. The Pew Research Center reported that the voter turnout for this upcoming election to be up about 4% from previous polls. In the same report, PEW is additionally predicting the turnout will be in Democrats favor.

As voters and citizens of the United States of America, the midterms are more critical than ever. These elections will determine who runs the country for the next two years. Despite your party affiliation, it’s up to you as a voter to make these decisions. 

Many students may feel that their votes do not matter or take little interest in politics because it’s not something that will affect them right now. However, with issues like education and solutions for dealing with the massive student debt it directly affects students now as well as later.

For the student interested in becoming involved with politics several incentives are working towards voting and democracy. The College Republics and College Democrats will be hosting a debate to encourage discussion. While Dr. Blumberg has brought the Democracy Project to campus that supports students to vote and helps them to register.

Regardless of the outcome the election, more than ever it is more important to be open to the conversation instead of focusing on political affiliation. As a nation, I feel that being focused on the abilities of candidates is what should be guiding our decision making. The candidates running in this election will eventually become our voices in Washington. It’s up to the civic duty as citizens to decide who gets to speak for you.

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The importance of the midterm elections