Five Fortnite tips for new players

Colin Kirkwood, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that Fortnite is one of the hottest video game titles in the world currently. But what exactly is this game?

The game comes with two modes, the first being a player versus enemy mode where a team works together to outlive a horde of monsters by any means possible. But its popular mode is a player versus player all-out battle royale.

One hundred players are all placed into a game where the objective is to be the last man or team standing. Players drop onto the fictional island with hang gliders and a pickaxe then they must search the terrain for weapons to arm themselves.

As if this isn’t enough players are encouraged to use those axes to mine for resources that can be used to build cover and structures that can potentially help the player succeed. But, players must also me mindful of the “storm” that shrinks the combat area.

It can be quite a challenge to find a way to balance all of these objectives, so tips on how to be successful are always welcomed. Not saying that I am a fantastic player or anything like that, but I have been playing the game for quite some time before it became popular.

I’ve learned a thing or two that I’ll pass on.

Always Get the High Ground

When getting into a fire fight, the high ground is a fantastic way to set yourself apart and potentially keep yourself alive. You can opt for seeking a hill or mountain but what if you’re out in the open? Easy, build a ramp with a wall in front of it. This gives you some cover to sit behind and the elevation that will make aiming at you difficult for most players.

The wall in front of the ramp is crucial as this protects you ramp from being destroyed quickly. Also should your enemy charge you, you can easily jump over them and attack from behind.

Build Bridges Two Wide

Bridges are commonplace in the game and can be used to get around in a painless way. But should be traveling a longer distance, (such as from rooftop to rooftop or crossing water) these structures can easily be knocked out with a few shots at a portion of it.

By building the structures two wide, the bridge can keep its structural integrity should a section be shot out. You as the player will also get a few extra seconds to hustle towards your target before falling.

It might not sound like much, but it comes in handy trust me. You’ll thank me when you get that first “Victory Royale” when platform combat is part of the final battle.

Carry a variety of weapons

Being prepared for a variety of ranges in combat is a critical to success if you ask me. So, when stockpiling weapons look to broaden your horizons.

The three types of combat you can expect to encounter are short, medium and long range. In short range shotguns and SMG’s should do the trick. These can do massive damage in just a short amount of time which is great for close quarters combat.

Medium range can typically be won with assault rifles, LMG’s and miniguns. These offer a somewhat quick ammo output and decent accuracy. With long range you can win the day with scoped AR’s, hunting rifles and sniper rifles.

While most have small ammo capacity, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting caught reloading since you are so far away from the target. Having one of each of the weapons makes you flexible when having to combat other players.

Always Stock Up on Resources

Mining for materials can seem like such a boring and drawn process, but it is vital to success. Besides being able to throw up quick cover, having a large amount of resources makes for an easy time when the final ten players are left standing.

By this I mean being able to make a fort to protect yourself and hunker down in. I play a somewhat passive game, so when it comes down towards the end I prefer to build up and snipe. This isn’t possible without stockpiling a decent amount of materials to build and repair my base.

Plus, around the map vending machines offer up rare weapons like rocket launchers, grenade launchers and SCAR rifles and even healing supplies that can be obtained by trading in resources.

Health Is a Big Concern

Fortnite offers plenty of materials to keep you the player in the game for as long as possible. These items are of course medical and shields. Shields come in a variety of options like the mini (raises shield by 25 and can only be taken twice at a time) regular (raises shield by 50) chug jug (raises shield and health to the max ) and slurp juice (raises shield by 25 and regenerates health).

Having a shield keeps you protected to an even higher degree than any cover will so try to having some shield on at all times. Carrying healing supplies is also a wise decision. These are bandages (raises health by 15 and can be used until 75 percent health and come in groups of five) and med kits (raise health to the max).

Keeping one of the options on hand gives you a chance to get back in the game.

Hopefully these tips can help you if you are brand new to the game or the most experienced of veterans. Have any tips of your own that you’d like to share?

Tweet them to us @CalTimes and we’ll share them with our readers! So what’re you waiting for? Get out there and start racking up those “Victory Royales!”