The Bachelor: Hometown visits with Arie Luyendyk Jr.


Photo of “The Bachelor” Arie Luyendyk Jr. courtesy of ABC.

Jessica Crosson, Entertainment Editor

*This article contains spoilers regarding the hometown episode of ‘The Bachelor’*

This season of ‘The Bachelor’ is quickly coming to a close as hometown dates concluded after last week’s episode. This season Arie Luyendyk Jr. visited the homes of Kendall in California, Lauren B. in Virginia, Becca K. in Minnesota and Tia in Arkansas.

Arie has been a controversial bachelor from the beginning due to the fact he seemed to come completely out of nowhere when he was announced as the next bachelor and he is older than most of the men who take on the role of the bachelor.

This season has had its fill of crazy women and dramatic moments but it is quickly coming down to the final rose. During his hometown visits Arie was greeted by each of the remaining four women’s families who all expressed their concerns for their daughters when it came down to being engaged at the end of the show.

Kendall’s hometown was the first location up on Arie’s list.

Their date started out with Kendall introducing Arie to all of her taxidermy animals which she keeps in a very large Cabella-looking storage unit. After they got done playing with stuffed mice, they went to Kendall’s home to meet her family.

Every member of her family, including Kendall, expressed concern that she may not be ready to come out of this show engaged and they were not sure if she would be able to get to that point by the time the show ended. Arie would later pull her aside at the rose ceremony to address her on those concerns.

The second hometown date was in Minnesota to visit Becca K’s family.

Their date began with a trip to the apple orchard where they enjoyed each other’s company while picking apples they would later dip in caramel, which was a very cute date. Her family gave the stereotypical “if you hurt my daughter I will find you speech” and that was the most notable part of that night.

The third date belonged to Tia who resides in Arkansas.

Tia thought she had the key to Arie’s heart when she took him racing during her hometown date. Her family reacted in the same way Becca K’s family did. Later in the episode it would turn out Arie’s feelings for Tia were not as strong as hers were for him and she did not receive a rose during the rose ceremony. They shared a very emotional goodbye before Tia got in the van and headed back to Arkansas.

The final date was in beautiful Virginia Beach where Arie was overjoyed to be getting to meet Lauren B’s family.

Their date began with them horseback riding on the beach right along the water’s edge which is quite possibly the most iconic romantic hometown date I have ever seen. It was a very classic romantic date. Her family seemed to be the most supportive Lauren B’s romantic journey with Arie but clearly voiced that they wanted her to be careful.

Next week all of the women from this season of ‘The Bachelor’ will return for the “women tell all” episode. Be sure to tune in and see all of this season’s drama unfold all over again.