Students enjoy SAB event, Halloweenfest


Brad Britvich, Staff Writer

It isn’t every day that you can try to contact the dead in the Natali Student Union.

But on Oct. 23, the Student Activities Board hosted the Moon Family Psychic Experience as part of Halloweenfest at California University of Pennsylvania.

Chris Moon and his mother Paulette travel the country together as part of this experience. Chris is a psychic medium, which means he can supposedly talk to ghosts, and Paulette is an empathetic tarot card reader.

“When Chris was a little boy, he talked about a little Indian boy visiting him at night at the end of his bed,” Paulette Moon said. “I knew he had a gift for communicating with people on the other side after that.”

After showing a recent episode of their YouTube series “The Ghost Box Chronicles,” in which Chris and Paulette attempted to rid an old inn of a Native American spirit, the two met with groups of students that wanted to confer with their “powers” and ask questions.

Students were able to choose between having palm readings done, being told their past, present and future by tarot cards, or trying to communicate with dead loved ones over what the Moons called the “Spirit Phone.”

“A while ago we did an event like this and we contacted a girl’s grandmother on the Spirit Phone,” Chris Moon said. “It was a very powerful connection and it was one of the best experiences we have had.”

Multiple students at Halloweenfest used their time with the Moons to use the Spirit Phone, often with dramatic results after supposedly being able to communicate with dead loved ones.

However, the most popular option among Cal U students was the tarot cards, which supposedly could answer questions about their futures.

“My mom has been really sick lately so I asked the cards about her,” one student said. “They told me some good news. I also asked them about my uncle, who I haven’t talked to in years. They said he knows about me and we will see each other again soon.”

“I love psychics, I live for things like this,” the student continued.

Many students had similar questions about their future for the Moons and the tarot cards.

“I asked about my relationship because I want to make sure my boyfriend is right for me,” another student said. “She said that we will go to the grave together. I went back through the line and did a palm reading, too. It said we’ll have a long life and two boys. She also said she could tell I was an old soul but a young spirit. I was a sceptic when I came but now I’m a little more of a believer.”

In addition to interacting with the Moons, students were able to paint pumpkins and enjoy festive food and music at Halloweenfest.

“It was a good time,” student Claudia Wren said. “I got some answers I really needed from the tarot cards and I feel encouraged from it. Plus I got a free pumpkin. Not a bad deal.”