Album Review: Dalton Rapattoni – Nobody’s Home

Eddie Kuntz, Staff Writer

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Dalton Rapattoni’s first full length release since his departure from American Idol is stellar through the entire album. He shows a different side of himself than he expressed on the competition with a more laid back and pop influenced sound, which allows him to rely solely on his new music rather than leaning on his success in the show. Nobody’s Home shows true potential in songwriting with some of the greatest lyrics of any album this year with lines such as “When I hold you and close my eyes I can see the pearly gates, and even after all the hell that we’ve been through I’ve found my heaven in you” from the chorus of “Heaven” and “Somewhere in America on a TV screen I wonder if your lips shared the same pixels as me” from “Somewhere in America”.

On top of such a solid set of songs, Nobody’s Home also includes four acoustic versions of tracks on the album, including “Heaven”, “Somewhere in America”, and the opening track “Signs”, some of which are better and more emotional than the regular versions. Dalton keeps you wrapped in emotion throughout the entire experience that Nobody’s Home puts you through, whether it be missing someone once lost, or living in the moments you listen to this album in, and if you’re looking for the perfect album to listen to while driving on a cool fall night, Dalton Rapattoni brings you the perfect soundtrack.


Rating: 9

Recommended Track: “Stay (Up With Me)”

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