Levels Agency is a business venture for students

Jvonha Moore, Contributor

Levels Agency focuses on entertainment through collaborations, promotional activities, media, merchandise, marketing, sponsorships and managing.

With ties and major connections to venues, artists, athletes and other major corporations, the founders who are Duane Davis, Elijah Hill and Elisha Hill, work together to provide Pittsburgh, neighboring states and universities with an exciting social environment.

You can see all the collaborations, promotional activities, media, merchandise, marketing and more on the Levels Agency page.

Levels Agency recently kicked off their first stop from there Level Up Tour and the first stop was California University of Pennsylvania. With a turn out of a few hundred, good music and people enjoy themselves. Since that is the goal to provide the people with entertainment and a safe environment to have fun.

Levels is looking forward on the next stop of the tour. Upcoming events Levels Agency has are a Celebrity Affair, Fashion at the Foyer and more. Also Levels also has a sporting department called Levels Elite MG.

Levels Agency also offer internships, which the application can be filled out on the Levels Agency website. Students have the opportunity to work alongside professionals and other Levels Agency members, teaching them a lot within business.

“It’s a mindset woke up everyday and make a level to what you want to do make a level to that and once you accomplish that go to the next level is all about out doing yourself,” said Hill.