Access to nowhere

James Rudolph, Staff Writer

The Dakota Access Pipeline is under way with construction, with President Donald Trump using executive orders allowing the Department of the Army and the U.S Army Core of Engineers to take all necessary and appropriate steps to further allow the construction, and operation, of the pipeline.

President Trump seems like he is protecting the rights of the private property owners, and the rights of Dakota Access, LLC, but he is simply directly attacking former president Barack Obama’s initiatives to rally the Republican Party behind him.

Obama ordered the USACE to follow strict protocols to fully measure the environmental impact the pipeline would have. Native American protestors from the Standing Rock Sioux, and other tribes, staged peaceful protest on the land designated for construction, claiming the construction would harm the water supply on the reservation, and would unearth sacred archaeological sites. Police from across the state responded with force to remove the protestors.

During this time, the USACE found and were exploring another possible route for the pipeline. Protestors, some who have been there for over two years, had tear gas fired at them by police, and were sprayed by fire hoses in negative ten-degree weather. The U.N observed the treatment of the protestors by police as violation of human rights. Despite the USACE’s environmental procedures incompletion, and continuing deliberation between the USACE and Native tribal representatives, President Trump gave the green light to go across the land.

Is this a shining moment for the “working” American, who Trump promises to serve and protect their way of life? Does this protect and further the rights of ALL Americans? Have we fully measured the environmental ramifications the pipeline could have so close to the Missouri River? Is this a move that could be a moment that furthers the prosperity and well-being of Americans everywhere? No way.

Simply put, President Trump put the need for an easier, and cheaper, way to transport crude oil across the United States across the interests and livelihood of other American citizens. Why? To be a champion of the energy business, or to generate support from his party?

Trumps support from the Republican Party has been slipping with his inability to. In fact, his approval rating fell below 35 percent just a mere 68 days after taking office. Without successfully repealing Obama Care, this is a way for him to attack the Obama administration’s legacy to galvanize Republican support. His decision involving the Dakota Access Pipeline is a way for him to save face in the wake of his failures.

President Trump has successfully managed to somewhat keep his promise about immigration and refugees. He managed to implement policy that barred refugees, and immigrants, from countries in the Middle East and Africa. What is ironic is the countries that aren’t banned, all have Fortune 500 companies and a Trump Hotel in them.

Our president has decided that saving Dakota Access, LLC buku bucks serves the interest of the American people better than listening to the concerns of its citizens and respecting the process required to protect the environment we live in. It is sad that our leader is more concerned with his power, and keeping the support of his party, than the true welfare of American citizens. You cannot claim to be protecting the rights of the American people, and yet repeatedly violate the rights of those very people.

President Trump’s actions regarding the pipeline is just one more act intended to stab at the Obama administration’s legacy. If Trump can’t get the Republicans to like him for his policies, he will remind them of their shared hate for the Obama administration. Yet another example of policy intended to serve his best interest, and not the best interest of the American people.

If you think this isn’t a good example of Trump ignoring the rights and lives of American citizens, wait until “The Wall” is under construction, and Texans have to move out of their homes because the land they have lived on for years is designated as a construction site.