And The Oscar Goes To…

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And The Oscar Goes To…




Joshua Proud, Staff Writer

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The Oscars began with a performance by Justin Timberlake singing, “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” Timberlake began his performance in the lobby while he made his way to the stage to warm up the audience for a night of awards and performances. The 89th Oscars took place at the Dolby theatre live from Hollywood and was sponsored by Amazon and many others.

The host, Jimmy Kimmel, began the night with a statement that the country is divided, and he encouraged people to have good conversations regardless of their political party. La La Land broke the record for most nominations with a total of 14, winning 6 awards later that night.

The award for best actor in a supporting role was awarded to Mahershala Ali for his role in Moonlight. Ali gave a heart-warming speech thanking his teachers, directors, family, and crew while crying in thanks for his first Oscar nomination.

Makeup Artist, Alessandro Bertolazzi, from Suicide Squad dedicated his Oscar to all the immigrants of the country and said he has waited 50 years to speak on this topic.

Katherine Johnson from NASA, one of the inspirations behind the movie Hidden Figures, was wheeled out in her wheel chair, to be honored as one of the hidden figures who helped men get to the moon.

One memorable moment from the 89th Oscars was when little bags of red vines and junior mints flew down from the sky by the grace of Jimmy Kimmel stating that it was un-American to not eat candy during the movies. Kimmel later joked that the audience could add avocado to their candy for a price of $2.

Viola Davis took home the Oscar for best actress of a supporting role, which was very predicted. Her speech told the audience that she wanted to tell stories of people who dreamed big, or fell in love and lost. Davis stated that being an artist is the only profession in the world that shows what it means to live a life. Davis was previously nominated for three Oscars, but snagged her fist win this year.

Kimmel announced that a Hollywood Starline Tour would surprise its guests with a prank. Kimmel explained that the tour guest have no idea that they would be waking into the live Oscars. The guests were told that they were going into the theatre to see gowns of Oscars past.

The tour guests were extremely surprised and this gave great laugh to both the tour members and the audience. Many of the stars in the audience gave the tour members their sunglasses, snacks, and basically anything that was on their person.

Although during most of the night it seemed like a ceremony to speak on politics and Donald Trump, it seemed as if all of the deserving artists won their Oscars.

One of the most memorable events of the night was when the envelopes for best picture got switched up. The award was originally given to La La Land, but then was appropriately given to Moonlight. A true Steve Harvey moment.

Other memorable moments from the night are:

  • La La Land’s academy award for best production design
  • Zootopia’s academy award for best animated feature
  • Jimmy Kimmel giving POTUS a shout-out on Twitter live from the Oscars audience
  • Emma Stone’s academy award for actress in a lead role
  • Moonlight’s academy award for best picture and the amount of black excellence at the awards.

Especially compared to last years Academy Awards, when the Oscars were criticized for their lack of African-American winners.