Corrine Olympios: ‘The Bachelor’ Villian


Jessica Crosson, Entertainment Editor

On March 25, 2002 ‘The Bachelor’ first aired capturing the attention of a variety of fans across America. Now on their 21st season, ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ stirred up some controversy by announcing Nick Viall as this season’s bachelor. On top of the mass amounts of mixed feelings towards this season’s bachelor even more people became upset when they realized fan-favorite Luke Pell was originally supposed to be the bachelor before being replaced by Viall.

As disgruntled fans tuned in for the season premiere on January 2, their anger quickly moved from Viall to one of the contestant’s. Corrine Olympios a 24-year-old online business owner quickly became everyone’s favorite person to hate. Olympios quickly made her presence known by giving Viall a bag of tokens which earned her many free hugs and the first kiss of the season.

Although she did not receive the first impression rose, Olympios certainly stayed on Viall’s mind. On the first group date her claws came out leading to Olympios removing her top for a steamy pool photo shoot with Viall. If that isn’t enough to make America cringe, her constant interrupting and stealing Viall from other contestants and talking about how much she relies on her nanny is.

As the season progresses, everyone’s hatred towards Olympios continues to grow. Many people took to social media platforms such as Twitter to express their feelings about Olympios and this season. The jokes about Olympios’ nanny, her behavior and Viall’s reasoning for being the bachelor have began to freely flow on Twitter every Monday night.

Check out the opinions of some Cal U students and other members of the Twitter community below: