It’s Okay To Not Have A 4.0

Its Okay To Not Have A 4.0

Jessica Crosson, Entertainment Editor

With finals week just around the corner many students are spending their time studying for the various exams and stressing over what their final GPA will be. The notion that many students are accustomed to is that in order to be successful they must strive for 4.0. However, contrary to popular belief, you do not need a 4.0. In fact, many employers prefer you to not have a 4.0! Below is a list of reasons why you shouldn’t worry about a perfect GPA.


1. Employers want you to have other experiences besides studying for a 4.0.

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Imagine what you could be doing with all of the hours you spend studying if you weren’t spending those hours cramming for every course you’re enrolled in. Adding additional experiences to your resumes such as being involved in your major’s club, participating in service opportunities or finding a club on campus that sparks your interest helps you gain experiences outside of those you gain in a classroom.


2. Not all employers had a 4.0 while they were in college.

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Your employer may have or may have not had a 4.0 while they were in the college phase so do not let that thought stress you out.


3. Make connections and build your network

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By being involved in various organizations around campus you are able to make connections and build your network which will help you find potential jobs and opportunities in the future.


4. Are you really going to remember everything you crammed for in that random Gen Ed you took sophomore year?

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So you took Intro to Recreation and Leisure to fill a Gen. Ed. requirement and you aced it due to all of the time you put into that course… But if you went back now could you list seven characteristics and qualities of the profession and explain what the NRPA is? (But if you’re a parks and recreation major, I hope you know the answers to these questions.)


5. Many employers don’t even ask for your GPA during the interview process


After you submit your application, transcript and resume your employers are already aware of your GPA and grades. In the competitiveness of standing out in the interview process it is imperative that you have something else to show besides your grades so employers know that you have a personality behind your brain. During the interview process employers want to learn who you are.


If shooting for a 4.0 is what you want to do while you are in college, go for it! This article is not intended to make students turn away from trying to achieve a 4.0 but instead trying to relieve the stress that many students feel to be perfect when it comes to academics. There is more to life than grades on a transcript. As the story goes, your college years are supposed to be some of the best years of your life so try to make the best out of them and remember it’s okay to make mistakes.