Eh440 takes on A Cappella Night at Underground Café

Briana Hendriksen, Staff Writer

Canadian A Cappella group, Eh440 performed at the Underground Café on Oct. 3 in honor of A Cappella night.

Following performances by Cal U’s very own a cappella groups A cappella Stella and Isolated Incident, Eh440 took the stage with high energy and enthusiasm and opened their set with their rendition of Wings by pop girl group, Little Mix.

Covering songs like Billy Jean by Michael Jackson, Bang-Bang by Nicki Minaj, and Crazy by Gnarls Barkley the group kept the audience entertained for their one hour performance.

The five-piece vocal group that have been performing together for the past four and a half years consists of three unique lead singers Stacy Kay, Jake Stern and Janet Turner, beat boxer Luke Stapleton, and bass vocalist Joe Oliva.

Their unique sound that Oliva describes as “Five people that have no earthly business being in a band together” combined with the fact that they write their own original music sets Eh440 apart from a cappella groups that have been seen and heard before.

“We don’t have voices that blend together like a choir would or a typical a cappella group would.” Kay said. “We have three very different lead singers and a beat boxer and a bass singer that are the best in the country kind of thing.”

The groups dynamic was strong and contagious. Their energy on stage made you want to get up and dance to the songs they were performing and their personalities shown through making it feel like you knew the a cappella group personally.

“What sets Eh440 apart is that our goal is to entertain people. We don’t just try to do that with music we try to do that by creating moments in the show. “Stern said. “If you think about the moments in our show, you have Stacy dramatically rapping, you got a high note, you have the human record, you have our humor. You’re seeing us, you’re not just hearing us.”

With an award-winning 2014 debut album Turn Me Up, and their newly released album Boss Level, and years of experience under their belts the a cappella group knows a few tips and tricks to make it in the business and to achieve your goals.

“Be you, do you! Don’t listen to other people. Be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else” Stapleton said.

“It’s important to have goals and to try to achieve your goals, so you’re constantly working.” Turner added. “To have those goals is important to keep you in line.”

You can follow Eh440 on their musical journey and stay connected with the a cappella group through their website, their YouTube channel and their social media accounts @Eh440.