Members of APO Perform Tribute to President Jones


Christopher Buckley/Herald-Standard

Jessica Crosson

Jessica Crosson, Entertainment Editor

Earlier today the members of the theatre department and Alpha Psi Omega, the international Theatre Honors Fraternity, performed a tribute to President Geraldine Jones by showing the audience the involvement Jones has had at our university throughout the years calling it; “When Geri met Cali….fornia University of Pennsylvania”. Junior, Mark Barrett, narrated the historical events while fellow students performed.

Their skit started out in 1968 when Jones began her academic career at Cal U. On top of speaking about what Jones was doing at this time, the students also performed popular songs, dance moves or movie monologues from the time period. In 1968, Hey Jude by The Beatles was very popular so the students performed that song and then continued with popular dance moves such as the twist, the mashed potato and the swim.

In 1972, Jones received her Bachelor of Science in Education concentration in Elementary Education. Following this announcement, junior Ryan Johnson and senior Tristan Bartolomucci performed the famous scene from The Godfather between Vito Corleone and Guy at Vito’s daughter’s wedding which was gaining popularity in 1972.

1974 was a very important time for women in history. Not only did Jones become the Program Director for Upward Bound here at Cal U but the National Organization of Women was developed and the first feminist periodical, Ms. Magazine, helped the doors for women in the workplace open a bit wider. After this announcement junior, Kayla Grimm, performed the Barbra Streisand hit The Way We Were.

The 80s were a time where the music of Michael Jackson and Madonna filled the air and everyone wore bright colors with white washed jeans. At this time, Jones received Master of Education, Counselor Education of California University of Pennsylvania. While she was receiving her Master’s Degree, Star Wars Episode V- the Empire Strikes Back was entertaining audiences across the nation. That being so senior, Elizabeth Andrews, performed Yoda’s monologue stating “size matters not”.

Further into the 80s, 1987 to be exact, President Jones became the Department Chairperson for the Department of Academic Development Services. Rolling with the theme of President Jones changing the lives of students on her own, senior Annabel Lorence performed “On My Own” from Broadway musical Les Miserables.

2000, a year that we are all pretty familiar with, was full of musical talent from Brittany Spears to Faith Hill and of course the beloved boy bands. At this time, Jones said goodbye to the Department Chair position and became the Dean of the College of Education and Human Services. Seeing as N’Sync stole the hearts of many, the students found it fit to lip sync “Bye, Bye, Bye” in honor of Jones receiving her new position.

2009 brought even more success for Jones as she explored her newest position as Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs. The popular movie Up told us that “adventure is out there” so sophomore, Jeshua Myers, and junior, Kitty Hoffman, performed the scene where Russell and Carl first meet each other, providing the audience with some lighthearted comedy.

Finally, here in 2016, President Jones has officially been appointed to President of California University of Pennsylvania. The students of Alpha Psi Omega believe that President Jones will not throw away her shot and ended their performance by rapping along to the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton’s song “My Shot”.