Sweet Movie Reviews with Jonathan Hershey


Jonathan Hershey, Staff Writer

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

The beloved 90’s franchise returns after the 2014 reboot with an unintelligent, boring and poorly made sequel. This children’s franchise is ruined by the Michael Bay style action, dialogue and overstuffed plot. There are numerous problems in this film such as poor acting, very bad CGI, as well as numerous villains. The actors’ interaction with the Ninja Turtles seems awkward and does not blend together well. It does not help that the CGI is noticeably bad when the screen is shared with real life props and actors. There are also three villains in this film with no clear main antagonist.

Throughout the first act Shredder is the main villain, the second act the two prisoners from the beginning of the film, Bebop and Rocksteady, are recruited by Shredder and turned into a Rhino and Warthog from the ooze Shredder received from Krang. Bebop and Rocksteady proceed to being the main villains during the second act. Then during the third act Commander Krang is the main villain by ultimately betraying Shredder and attempting to take over the world.

This movie was not entertaining and lacks the heart from the classic TV show in the 90’s. I give this film a 30/100.