Good Luck Bridget

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Good Luck Bridget

Joshua Proud, Staff Writer

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Do you remember Bridgit Mendler from Disney? Mendler had her debut on the Disney Channel as Juliet Van Heusen on the hit show Wizards Of Waverly Place in 2009.

Mendler then landed a lead role in the popular Disney show “Good Luck Charlie” in 2010. Good Luck Charlie was so popular that it got renewed for a fourth season. This was a big deal because Disney Channel shows usually only last three seasons.

During the month of October in 2012, Bridget released her first studio album featuring songs such as “Ready or Not’ and “Hurricane” both of which have millions of listens on Spotify. During a guest appearance on the Ellen Show, Mendler was crowned the “new queen of Disney” when Ellen DeGeneres gifted her a crown and a sash.

Mendler left Disney in 2014 and began her breakaway from adolescent entertainment. On November 25th, 2014 Mendler landed a role in a new NBC sitcom called “Undateable.” “Undateable” lasted three consecutive seasons but ultimately was cancelled due to lack of viewers.

Mendler is now currently producing new music for the first time in almost five years. Mendler released her new single titled “Atlantis” on August 25th. “Atlantis” had not even been out for more than two weeks and the single has already reached over one million streams on Spotify.

Mendler released a statement that she is currently mixing her new and upcoming EP that’s scheduled to be released this November on Election Day. Many of Mendler’s fans are ecstatic that after almost five years, the artist decided to take a break from television and pursue her singing career.

She has completely altered her sound. Back in 2013, Mendler had told reporters that she was working on an album, and she performed many of these songs live but they were never recorded. Mendler claimed that she had the entire album recorded, but it was accidentally deleted and she was forced to start from scratch.

Bridgit Mendler’s new EP, that is expected to release on Election Day, is her most anticipated project yet, with her fans waiting to hear what else she has to share with the world.

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