Sigma Tau Gamma, Delta Zeta win Greek Sing title

Jessica Crosson, Staff Writer

Last Wednesday, students piled into the Performance Center to watch and figure out who would be this year’s champion of Greek Sing. By the start of the event, the Performance Center was so packed that people had to stand along the walls due to every seat being taken. The Greeks provided a wide variety of themes including Sandlot, Way Back Wednesday, Camp, Take Back the Night, and Once Upon A Time. Each sorority and fraternity had a unique performance with many different talents.

The night kicked off with a Sandlot themed performance from Sigma Kappa and Theta Xi featuring songs such as “My House” by Flo Rida and “The Man” by Aloe Blacc.

They were followed by Phi Sigma Sigma and Delta Chi who took everyone Way Back with their performance of all throwback songs.

After that, Alpha Sigma Tau and Phi Gamma Delta kept it very classy with their black tie performance of Take Back the Night.

Alpha Sigma Alpha and Alpha Kappa Lambda reminded everyone of what it was like to go back to camp with their upbeat performance featuring a variety of song.

Closing the night were reigning champions Delta Zeta and Sigma Tau Gamma who put a on a stellar Once Upon A Time routine.

It did not take the judges long to figure out who was the winner of this year’s Greek Sing were. For their ability to stay consistent to the theme, provide a variety of choreography and skits, and use the most amount of people throughout their entire performance, it was clear why Delta Zeta and Sigma Tau Gamma were announced this year’s champions.

“Coming off of a Greek Sing win last year made me feel as if there was no way we could top it. After deciding to do a ‘Dreaming of Disney’ theme, my sisters and brothers of Sigma Tau Gamma practiced every night for 2-3 hours the week prior to Greek Sing,” Delta Zeta’s Greek Week Chair, Shannon Barnett, explained. “We had a lot of fun working with the brothers the past two years for Greek Sing and look forward to Greek Week!”

Their Disney themed performance included segments from Mulan, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, Cinderella, and Frozen. Based off of the crowd’s reaction Lindsay Mackley’s comedic dancing around the stage while performing as Elsa dancing to “Let It Go” was one of their favorite parts.

Another highlight was the finale of the performance which included everyone involved coming out on stage. Just as everyone thought it could not get any better, Nathan Connolly and Avonlea Keedy dropped into a split making the audience erupt with applause and cheering.

“We worked decently hard but just hanging out and having fun with everyone helped a lot,” Mike Mertz, Sigma Tau Gamma’s Greek Week Chair exclaimed. “We all believed we were going to win. It was great working with the lovely ladies of Delta Zeta.”

Whether first place or last place it was clear that everyone involved put a lot of time and effort into putting on a great event for all to enjoy.