NBA wins with successful Slam Dunk Contest

Jemaal Myrick, Cal Times Contributor

It was nothing short of electrifying. It was what some may call “a showdown for the ages.” A King looking to defend his crown against any challenger.
Last year’s NBA Slam Dunk contest champion Zach Lavine of the Minnesota Timberwolves was looking to have a back-to-back win in the dunk contest. That hasn’t been done since Nate Robinson did it.
Lavine stood firm and watched as his fellow competitors were eliminated, but one stood above the rest and for a moment above the King: Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic. Aaron Gordon has come along way since his playing days as a member of the Arizona Wildcats basketball team. Gordon is sure to have a very bright future in his career. In a battle that went two extra rounds, and left many NBA legends scrambling for answers, Lavine and Gordon left the Air Canada Centre speechless.
Fans watched in awe as they saw the two stars throwing down monstrous dunks. This year’s dunk contest out shined the NBA All-Star weekend’s main event, which was the All-Star game, Kobe Bryant’s last, stood no chance against the soaring stars of Lavine and Gordon.
The NBA recently did an interview with the man many claim ruined and reinvented the dunk contest. Vince Carter did some of the most astonishing dunks in 2000. The dunk contest thrust him into the spotlight, just like it is doing for Lavine.
This year Lavine went home with the rising stars MVP and as the slam dunk contest champion.