Is This Cup Honestly That Relevant?

Starbucks’ new Christmas cups start heated discussion

     Not really. But for some reason a few statements from Christians have blown up over social media pretty much stating how Starbucks has taken Christmas out of the holidays. As you have probably read throughout the many articles that have popped up this week, Starbucks has included holiday themed designs on their previous cups. This included snowflakes, reindeers, Santa Claus, ornaments, snowmen, etc. Unfortunately I see a common pattern for tiny religious issues to blow up so quickly over the media and it’s so disappointing. I am surprised that people have said that this cup symbolizes a war against Christianity in this country. Now, maybe this cup does represent that this is something that Christians are facing in the world today, but this is not anything new and if they were as focused on what the Bible says instead of paying so much attention to these cups along with the media, then they would be reminded that this stuff is said to happen anyways. But I wouldn’t say that this cup symbolizes a war against Christianity.

     There are far worse things in this world that I believe in my heart is worth calling a war. Such as the war in the middle east, the persecuted Christians, the rights that are taken away from the unborn, the churches that are falling apart, the many friends of mine who are lost and addicted to drugs, the relationships that fail because their significant other is consumed by pornography, the families that are broken because nobody ever learned how turn away from their sinful habits before getting married. These are just some of the many issues that people face every day, and a Christian who is the real deal will be able to tell you that this kind of stuff right here is actually a war, not some cheap red cup that isn’t even biodegradable.

Some say Jesus Christ healed the sick and died to redeem humankind. Little is said about his views on the Pumpkin Spice Latte.”

     Now I know some people don’t read this paper, but right now I really wish everybody was reading it. I want everybody to know what Christians are supposed to be about. Christians are not supposed to rant about a red cup on Facebook. Those who have done this have lost their focus with what they believe. Starbucks does not have to be an ambassador of the Church. Even though that would be nice, Starbucks isn’t entitled to that. If there are employees who work there that are Christians they still have the right to exercise their faith and say “Merry Christmas” if they want to. Just because it is not written on a cup it does not mean it isn’t there. I wish I could apologize to Starbucks for the sake of the whole entire Christian community, and if any Christian were to be upset about that I would just tell them save their breath for something way more important. How about we devote more time towards feeding the hungry and providing shelter for the homeless? How about we spend more time figuring out how we are going to save all the young women and men that are being abused and kidnapped for sex trafficking across the world? People are so quick to jump on a band wagon for something silly that they forget what they are actually supposed to stand for. Did Jesus die on a cross for a red cup?

“Some say Jesus Christ healed the sick and died to redeem humankind.

Little is said about his views on the Pumpkin Spice Latte.”

     This quote was an opening for an article by the Associated Press for the LA Times and I believe it hits the nail perfectly for this issue. Do you really think God is fretting over this red cup right now? I believe the only cup that should stay relevant to Christians is the cup that Jesus used as a symbol of His blood in remembrance. So, since I am indeed a Christian I will be spending the holidays to remember the gift of the season and to also focus on what matters the most, not this red cup.