Get to the know the Strength and Fitness Club


Nikki Brognano

Nikki Brognano, Cal Times Assistant News Editor: What separates your club now, the Strength and Fitness Club, from what it was before, the Bodybuilding and Fitness Club?

Ethan Klersy, President of Strength and Fitness Club:The main thing that we have tried to maintain from the Bodybuilding and Fitness Club and carry over to the Strength and Fitness club is the group’s level of acceptance. Anyone should feel welcome to join the group and reach out anofficer/member about anything fitness related.

NB:What all have 12094881_1932470506978423_3306405527478748065_oyou ( or other current club officers ) done for the club to make it what it is today?

EK:The Strength and Fitness Club has a great set of officers that have worked throughout the club’s re-organization process. After first presenting the idea last spring, we reached a vote and then our officers attended Student Cabinet Meetings and Senate meetings to get the name officially approved. Also, the addition of the multimedia coordinator officer position has allowed us to better market ourselves as a club on social media platforms.

11217662_1912850985607042_6001563136910708452_nNB:What does your club have to offer for the CalU community?

EK:One of the main goals of our organization is to provide the student body with the tools they need to be their “Best Selves”- having a welcoming environment to help students live healthy and confidently in college is really important to us.

NB:How can students get involved? Do you have any upcoming events?

EK:The easiest way to get involved with the Strength and Fitness club is through our meetings during the semester! Our meeting schedule is announced on Orgsync, Facebook, and Twitter. We are hosting a Nutrition-based Guest Speaker on November 10 in Eberly 251 at 11a.m.

Twitter: @WeAreCalStrong

OrgSync: Bodybuilding and Fitness Club (Soon to be changed to Strength and Fitness Club)