Video Game of the Week: MLB The Show 23


Sarah Seader

CalTimes Video Game of the Week

Jonathan Sakaguchi, Sports Editor

Once again PlayStation and San Diego Studios have released their new addition of MLB The Show. This year, not only have they come up with better graphics and more realistic backgrounds of current and former MLB Stadiums, but they have added new legend players and game modes. Additionally, they have also redesigned the most popular mode in Diamond Dynasty.

Let’s take a look at the new legends. Jake Peavey, a former MLB All Star pitcher for the Padres, has been added to the game and when you finish the team collection, a 90 Overall pitcher that could force a lot of ground ball outs can be added to your rotation.

Brian Cain, MLB All Star and World Series Champion for the Giants, has a card that can be added to your team once you complete the Giants team collection. Cain is a big time fastball strikeout 91 Overall pitcher who can bring the heat into the lineup.

Carlos Peña, is a power hitting first basemen who can help out your lineup if you are looking for some more pop to the hitting core. Complete the Rays team collection and you get a 90 Overall player.

The Negro League Store mode is the newest mode to The Show. MLB The Show and the Negro League Baseball Museum have partnered up to bring this awesome new mode to the game. This mode brings players, teams, stadiums, and other things to the game, as you go through challenges to unlock stories of the players and things that were going on in history. This is going to be a new staple in MLB The show. This is Chapter 1 of the game as it tells the story of the Kanas City Monarchs, the Chicago American Giants, and The Hillsdale Athletics. As you go through the challenges, you get 10 players from this era including Satchel Paige, Rube Foster, and Jackie Robinson to name a few. All are Diamond players with ratings of 90-92 overall, and you can add them to the DD (Diamond Dynasty) lineup. Many of them are two-way players, which is a big change to the game if you have a two-way player in the game and pull them from pitching, then you can leave them in as the DH.

Players can now also unlock World Baseball Classic cards in different stages, as legends and current players, with players who are not from the MLB or the MiBL. This will include players from the KBA, JPBA, and various other leagues. These players are all Diamond from 88-99 overall cards, including Trea Turner, Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani, and Yu Darvish, just to name some of the roster. There are several other programs available to play in Diamond Dynasty.

You can also play Co-Op games in ranked season modes with your friends and get your personal score and the team scores up in the rankings.

Additional features include updates to “Road to the Show” and “Franchise” mode and brought back the MLB Stadium builder. So you can change “Wild Things Park” to make it look like the spot where the Vulcans play baseball, or your high school ball park. So good luck to you and enjoy MLB The Show 23!