Haunted House of the Week

By Dan Carmichael

As October continues, so do the terrors and thrills.  For the rest of the month, every Friday and Saturday, Kennywood Park will be open from 6 p.m. until 12 a.m.  For adrenaline enthusiasts, this is one of the best experiences you can attend.  Not only will you be able to enjoy the ever famous theme park rides, you will also be able to attend numerous haunted houses while in the park.  With the month being halfway over already, you will have only 6 more chances to make the most of this attraction.  If you do plan on attending, I would advise you to get there early and stay late to receive the best experience and the most “bang for your” buck.

   This haunted attraction is one of the more expensive ones, but when you can enjoy it for up to 6 hours, you can understand why.  The cost of tickets will range depending on when and where you get them.  You will be able to get them for the lowest price of $28 if you buy them ahead of time at Giant Eagle.  If you wait to buy them at the gate it will cost you $33.  A positive note for college students is that tickets will be half-priced on October 30th and 31st.  If you attend on one of these two nights the cost of your ticket will be $16.50 with a valid ID.

Once you have your ticket bought and you step inside the park the real fun begins.  This is one of my favorite places to attend during the haunting season because no matter what you do and where you go in the park, you will have the opportunity to be scared.  The park is redone in a major way.  Some people have even said it is unrecognizable.  The park turns into the ultimate haunted house with actors walking about the grounds looking to scare anyone that moves.  If you are looking for even more thrills, you will be able to step into one of the many haunted walkthroughs.

The park includes 6 walkthroughs that you will have to wait in line to attend.  Unfortunately the lines tend to move a little more slowly than that of an average ride, but in the end you will leave happily frightened.  Some lines can take up to 2 hours to get through on the busier nights.  For this reason, it is best to get to the park just as it opens so you can get right to the front of the lines and see as many of the haunted attractions as possible.

If you are not as in to the fright scene and consider yourself more of a ride junkie, you are in luck.  Infamous rides such as the Phantom’s Revenge, Jackrabbit, Thunderbolt and Musik Express, along with many others, will be up and running.  Since many of the people in attendance will likely be in the park for the haunted walkthroughs, the lines for rides go by much faster than you may expect.

On top of the changes made to the park, you will also notice some changes to the food options.  The food is the same but the names of the food are related to the ghostly theme of the park.  The prices of the food, though not the cheapest, remain the same.  The only area to eat that will not be open is the Parkside Café since it has been turned into Mortem Manor, one of the walkthroughs.  Yes, this means that the Potato Patch will be opened up and serving your favorite fries all through the night so loosen up your belt and dig in.

One thing to remember with this park is that the majority of your time spent there will be outside.  Make sure you check the weather and dress for the occasion.  It would be a shame if your experience was cut short because the temperature prohibited you from getting everything out of your possible 6 hour stay.  Bundle up, stay warm, and make sure you loosen up your vocal chords because it will be one terrifying night at Kennywood Park.