Black Women and Public Health

The Status of Black Women and The New Change Makers.



A woman wearing a mask staring out the window.

Jordan A. Williams, Staff Writer

Since the pandemic, public health has become a dominant field. Given this, how does it affect black women’s status in the field, the state of their health, and how to bring about change?

Many people are considering careers in the field of public health and health policy, which is a young but rapidly expanding one. 

Define public health. Contribute to, promote, and safeguard everyone’s health, along with that of the neighborhood and community. This can also take the form of conducting additional research on ways to prevent a specific disease and promoting a healthier way of life. How would this appear to black women? Since COVID-19, the impending global pandemic in 2020, and the lockdown, more people are paying attention to their health and viewing their primary care doctors as superhumans.

At accredited institutions, public health is now offered as a major, minor, or even a certificate program. We now need more change agents because this field is expanding black women’s position in public health. Public health leaders and change agents are becoming more and more commonplace today. Why does our community need this? What makes us need more? Black women need to be represented, and having them at the table when discussing public health is crucial. Having a woman who resembles you and knowing that she is aware of your health issues and all the challenges they present is critical. Studies have revealed more advancements in black women’s health, but there are still health disparities. Black women are still experiencing maternal mortality, and chronic diseases. 

What’s the next step for us? When it comes to their own health, many black women are learning to speak up for themselves. Some are pursuing careers in medicine or public health in an effort to change the current situation. This new generation of change agents is focusing on what needs to be improved and how to do so.