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Carlos Cordeiro named next U.S. Soccer president

Photo of USSF President-elect Carlos Cordeiro courtesy of Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports.

Rachael McKriger, Editor-In-Chief

March 2, 2018

The U.S. Soccer Federation has a new president. However, it’s a familiar face in the program. Former vice president under Sunil Gulati – now the former president of U.S. Soccer – Carlos Cordeiro won the vote on Feb. 10 to become the next president of the federation. Cordeiro won 68.6 percent...

Air-conflict in the Middle East: Iran’s Influence

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

James Rudolph, Opinions Editor

February 28, 2018

The morning of Feb. 10 was rocked by the conflict between Israeli Air-Space Forces and Syrian forces under Bashar Al- Assad’s rule. Assad was supported the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, a branch of Iran’s military forces dedicated to protecting the country’s Islamic Republic System from foreign ...

Top 10 moments from the Pyeongchang Olympics

Photo of gold medalist Alina Zagitova, right, and silver medalist Yevgenia Medvedeva of Russia courtesy of Petr David Josek/Associated Press.

Rachael McKriger, Editor In Chief

February 26, 2018

The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics are officially over. It was three weeks of friendly sport competition, a bit of controversy and unforgettable moments. The winner of the Olympics, by medals, was Norway, grabbing 39 medals. Germany followed behind with 31 medals and Canada rounded out the top three...

Boston Breakers folding the NWSL’s fault

Photo of the Boston Breakers during the 2017 season courtesy of Mike Gridley/ISI Images.

Rachael McKriger, Editor In Chief

February 19, 2018

The National Women’s Soccer League is officially back to nine teams. On Jan. 28, the Boston Breakers announced that they will not compete further in the league, which is entering its sixth season. The Breakers, owned by Boston Women’s Soccer LLC, could not find the correct amount of funds to...



James Rudolph, Opinions Editor

February 9, 2018

March 4 marks the 90th annual Academy Awards. This year, movie fans see more nominations for black actors and actresses than we have in the past two years, which helped the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences avoid backlash from #OscarsSoWhite, a hashtag used to protest the underrepresentation...

Paar: No more celebrity presidents

At the 75th annual Golden Globes, Oprah Winfrey gave a heartfelt speech, making many wonder if she would run for president of the United States in 2020. Photo by Getty Images.

Sam Paar, Staff Writer

February 6, 2018

The 2016 election was bound to be unprecedented either way it swung: to the left was who may be the first female president, and to the right was a man who had never held a position in politics. A year later, with Donald Trump in office, he has surprised much of the population in both good and bad ways. Re...

Kirkwood: Pirates ownership pushing fans away

Photo of Pittsburgh Pirates owner Bob Nutting courtesy of Jared Wickerham/Getty Images.

Colin Kirkwood, Staff Writer

February 6, 2018

Many Pittsburgh Pirates fans knew that this offseason would be a crossroads for the historic franchise nestled along the Allegheny River. The team had the feel of becoming a bit stagnant after coming off a second consecutive season of finishing sub-.500 after capturing three consecutive wild-card bi...

For and Against: Trump’s first year of Presidency discussed

Photo of President Donald j. Trump in the Oval Office courtesy of Andrew Harnik/Associated Press.

James Rudolph and April Pfrogner

January 31, 2018

President Donald Trump has just finished his first year as president of the United States. Opinions editor James Rudolph talks about what failures Trump managed to tank in his first year of office, while staff writer April Pfrogner talks about his successes. James Rudolph Without a doubt, president Donald...

An in-depth look at the U.S. Soccer election

From left to right, top row first, the candidates of U.S. Soccer presidential election: Michael Winograd, Kyle Martino, Paul Caligiuri, Hope Solo, (bottom row, left to right) Eric Wynalda, Kathy Carter, Steve Gans and Carlos Cordeiro.

Rachael McKriger, Editor In Chief

January 29, 2018

In three weeks the U.S. Soccer Federation will have a new president at the helm. Sunil Gulati's time in charge is done. There were plenty of positives in Gulati's term three years of presidency, which began back in 2006. However, the end of Gulati's reign at U.S. Soccer was plagued by one giant...

NWSL’s growing pain shown through FC Kansas City

Photo of the 2015 NWSL Champions, FC Kansas City, courtesy of Steve Dykes/Getty Images.

Rachael McKriger, Editor In Chief

December 4, 2017

Despite multiple notable players joining the league, a TV network broadcasting their games or the on-the-field success of athletes, the National Women's Soccer League has a huge problem. Money. Money is the root of most problems, is it not? The NWSL is learning that the hard way. Last year,...

Save the Crew: A tale of betrayal in MLS

Save the Crew: A tale of betrayal in MLS

Rachael McKriger, Editor In Chief

October 31, 2017

Major League Soccer has shaken up their teams quite a bit over the years. New teams pop up, called expansion clubs, regularly. This year, Minnesota United and Atlanta United were both teams to enter their first MLS season. Atlanta was successful, claiming a spot in the playoffs, in the Eastern Conference. Minnesota...

Domestic terrorism in America: A larger discussion

Domestic terrorism in America: A larger discussion

Angel Funk, Staff Writer

October 18, 2017

Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old American citizen, opened fire on Oct. 1 from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Hotel. The mass shooting has become the deadliest in United States History with the death toll reaching 59 people, including Paddock, with an excess of 500 injured. The incident has left many p...

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