STAND attends annual “Jubilee” Christian conference

Cal U students cover “every square inch”


Hannah Kurtzhal, Contributor

Jubilee is a Christian conference held every year in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since the 1970s. It consists of worship and some very thought-provoking speakers telling everyone who attends about the Bible. This event has had over 3,000 college students attend over the years. Even some from at least 28 different countries have attended. This event is meant to grow your faith stronger or help you learn what it means to follow Jesus.

This year was dedicated to the theme of “every square inch.” This theme portrays that every square inch of creation belongs to the Lord. Many students learned how we can be used to be a witness to everyone around us through our major. As students, learning about the creation of the world, the fall of mankind, redemption, and how God restores us in the end is what was taught at Jubilee.

Miss Reale, who works on the Jubilee staff, says she hopes that students understand that God cares about every part of our lives even through this pandemic. This is what Reale hopes students get out of this conference. They also hope that this conference lets students know they are not alone during this whole situation. ”

STAND has been attending Jubilee for over 25 years, with the help of Pete Ware being on the Coalition for Christian Outreach Committee. Despite the pandemic, the STAND group had the privilege to meet in person, at a church near campus in the basement

Attendees did their very best to practice social distancing and wear face masks. Attendees said they had a wonderful time to enjoy fellowship with one another, despite the pandemic.

Mr. Ware loves attending Jubilee because he sees how this conference helps students get a glimpse of how God cares about everything even about their academics. He also loves seeing students having an aha moment when they are learning and being transformed from the good news of the Bible. As any adult leader would miss, Mr. Ware missed having conversations with other students in between the sessions when the conference was held in person.

There were many things learned during this event. Emma  Esterline, who is a senior,  said she learned the difference between guilt and shame. The difference between the two is that guilt is the feeling you know you have done something wrong while shame is thinking that you have done something wrong to make you feel something is wrong with you.

Mr. Donatucci, who is a junior,  said, he has a deeper understanding of what different words in the Bible means such as life and death.

Skyra Heckman, who is a junior as well, learned how to be a Christian during this pandemic.

A few people that I know attended Jubilee shared their thoughts of what it was like to be online instead of in person. Most of the friends that I interviewed agreed that is much better in person.  Even though I did not attend the conference in person either, I would have to fully agree.

Esterline’s favorite quote from Jubilee is by Tish Harrison Warren. She said, “God is just. That he seeks justice the same way we seek justice.”

Heckman’s favorite quote is “No matter what God is on the throne despite everything going on.”

As for Joseph, he was amazed how he discovered he had found misinterpreted the song “Amazing Grace.”

We all recommend students attend Jubilee next year, whether it is online or in person. What students can expect from attending this event for the first time is to have an open mind and be ready to listen. It may seem overwhelming with a bunch of information being thrown at you. Do not let that keep you from attending. Also do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and have a little fun.

As for Mr. Ware, he thinks it is important for students to join Jubilee because this conference helps students see the correlation with their careers and how God helps close the gap in life. This conference also helps students get a Christian view of the ups and downs in life or the light and the darkness that they may have.