The Inkwell is seeking writers, creators, and artists

Another issue of Cal U’s literary magazine, The Inkwell, is currently being constructed in the English course Publish the Magazine,  and students are looking for submissions.

Melisa Lynn

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Department of Culture, Media & Performance

Cal U’s literary magazine, The Inkwell, will have another issue that is being put together this semester. It has been released every three years, with the first year being in 2005 and the most recent issue being in 2017. The students working on the magazine are looking for current students, alumni and current or former faculty and staff to send submissions. These submissions include poetry, fiction, nonfiction, journalism pieces, visual art and photography. This year’s theme of the magazine is “Resilience.”

The editor-in-chief, Ciera Jones, said this of the current issue’s mission:
“The art and literature within The Inkwell platform will demonstrate the innate human ability to challenge and overcome obstacles set before us. Each stroke of the pen or brush should reflect how and why creators cope in times of distress.”

To find out more information and submission guidelines for the magazine, visit:

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