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Women’s Studies hosts annual Cutest Pet contest

Summer McIntyre, Contributor

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Every fall, California University of Pennsylvania’s Women Studies office has hosted a competition between staff and students to find out who has the cutest pet.

Every contestant must send in a photo and short bio about their pet, and why they should be voted for. There is an initial entrance fee of $2 for students, $3 for staff.

Tabling occurred outside of the Natali Student Union for two weeks before the winner was chosen. A total of 26 pets were entered for their chance to win.

The table consisted of two large poster boards with the pet’s bio and photo. All pets were given a number alongside their photo, to make voting simpler, with pets numbered from 1-26.

Voting took place by bringing in spare change and choosing the number of the animal that the individual wanted to vote for.

This event wasn’t created just to raise money without a purpose. It was created for a great cause with all proceeds benefiting the Fayette Friends of Animals shelter.

Fayette Friends of Animals is a local no-kill shelter located in Uniontown. This non-profit/for purpose shelter “believes in the humane treatment and improved quality of life for animals.”

The facility is home to hundreds of different animals that are all ready to adopt.

Each year this competition is ran to raise money, and take donations of items for the shelter. Each year the Women Studies office sets out a goal to raise more money than the previous year.

This year the office decided to raise the entry fee from $0.50, to $2-$3 depending on if the individual was a staff or a student. By simply raising this cost the overall amount has already surpassed the previous years.

“It’s great to see Cal U come together to support a local shelter such as the one in Fayette county” said Lynn Holloway, a graduate assistant at Cal U.

The individuals that helped the event become a success this year were the work study positions in the Women Studies office. These individuals oversaw making the flyers for each animal, making the poster boards, collecting the money and counting all of the loose change.

Staff and students came out to support the cause and donating a large amount of spare change, and even cash too.

“The first time I came by the table I didn’t have any change on me,” said Brenden Lesinkski, a student. “After my class I went back to my room and brought all of the change I could find. I wanted to help out even in this small way.”

Kittens, dogs, snakes and even one chicken named Omelet were among just the few types of animals that were a part of this year’s race for cutest pet. Although the leading animals were not known by anyone other than the office workers, staff and students still tried to figure it out on their own.

Individuals came day after day to vote for their pets, and their friends animals.

“Entire offices came down to the table during their lunch breaks just to vote for the same animal each time” said Nygerah Smith, one of three work studies in the Women Studies office.

Some animals did not receive any votes, but others destroyed the competition. The grand total of donations that they have received has not yet been released.

The winner has not yet been announced but will be announced in the daily announcements on Oct. 23 for all of Cal to see.

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Women’s Studies hosts annual Cutest Pet contest