Cal U hosts Annual Health Fair


Courtesy of the Cal U of PA Twitter page.

Megan Schimp, Contributor

On Wednesday, September 19th, the annual Health Fair was held at the California University of Pennsylvania Convocation Center from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event was free, and was open to students, faculty, and members of the local community.

The health fair had over 60 booths, all of which offered a variety of information and activities. Some booths welcomed students to take free samples of food or drink, including pizza, healthy smoothies, popcorn, candy, chocolate milk and apple cider. Other booths handed out free t-shirts, fidget spinners, and even first aid kits. There was also many activities to explore, such as free temporary tattoos, caricatures, games, and more.

There were many opportunities for students to do things such as check their heart rate, donate blood, have a mental health screening, or even get a flu shot.

Some booths offered information about fitness and how to sign up for memberships at local fitness centers, and others offered recipes and protein or veggie powders to help maintain physical health.

Many booths had information about different ways to stay healthy in more ways than just physically, too. There was plenty of information about how to stay mentally healthy, including the booth for the Office of Student Success which offered both information on how to handle stress and information about all of the resources available to any student that needs help academically, or just has questions in general.

All of the representatives at the fair were very approachable and personable, making asking questions that much easier for those in attendance.

A representative from the booth dedicated to the Uniontown Hospital was discussing things that people can do to safely help someone if they see someone in cardiac arrest. As she said about herself and others at the hospital, “We just want to see the community around us ready to help each other.”

This is, of course, what the Health Fair is all about. Not only is it very informational and helpful, but it reminds people to ask questions and above all, be safe and healthy, and try to help others be the same way.

Rachael Manley, a student who attended the Health Fair said, “There is definitely a lot of opportunities and a lot of people who are helpful. Even if your major isn’t health related, you should still come to the Health Fair because it’s really cool and you’ll have a good time.”