Pittsburgh Rapper Mac McCormick remembered

Angel Hart

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 It was the end of summer and the year was 2010. Sitting in my friend’s living room and after scrolling through Youtube, I was looking for funny videos to watch with them. A video titled Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza catches my eye, I clicked, and from that point on Mac Miller became a musical obsession to us. 

   Malcolm McCormick, better known by his stage name Mac Miller died September 7th, 2018 from a suspected drug overdose- the Pittsburgh, PA native was 26 years old.

   His music resonated with many young people in the region, like myself. In the days after his death, I connected with friends and strangers as who navigated the strange and awkward teenage landscape to the soundtrack of Miller’s music. 

   The days followings Millers death   included conversations revolved around exchaning our my fond memories of the artist. For me that meant musing about one Christmas’s that include a Blue Slide Park CD and his newest tee shirt design. I was reminded of making passwords, and social media handles became things like “pjsandnoshirt” and “bestdayever.” 

   We shared our stories about how his music got us through hard times, like at how at 15 whenever the first boy ever broke my heart the song “Missed Calls” played on repeat. An action that would become a healing ritual that unfortunatley would take place the day before Miller’s untimely death. 

  Miller’s music told the stories of the happy times in his life but also opened up about his struggles with addiction and depression. On projects like “Faces” Miller admits in an interview with Billboard that his music reflected the dark period in his life. During this period of Miller’s career he tells the magazine he was afraid of overdosing and becoming healthier because of the realization. Miller’s future music would reflect this.

   In several interviews, Miller opened using “lean” a codeine-cough-syrup drink, cocaine, and promethazine that he used these drugs to cope with the spotlight.

   Fame didn’t come underserved, Miller was multifaceted, he produced under the name Larry Fisherman and could play the drums, piano, bass, as well as guitar according to an interview with fender.com. These talents added to the sounds of his music mellow and simultaneously upbeat music that created the background to the years of my life.

   Musicians whether they mean to or   even want to become integrated into daily routines, their voices and rhythms become apart of our lives. 

  His music to me represents a significant season of my life that I am no longer in. Every time I hear any song from the K.I.D.S mixtape I look back to that time and smile. 

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