PSAC Showdown: Bloomsburg Bruiser


Jonathan Hershey, Staff Writer

On Saturday, September 24th the men’s soccer team took on PSAC opponent Bloomsburg. After a total of 10 cards, 8 yellow and 2 red, the Vulcans were the victors. The 2-1 score does not show the physicality throughout the entirety of the match. Anthony Papageorgiou, who had the game winning goal, stated that “If you kept the ball for more than five or six seconds you were getting hit no matter what so it was definitely a physical game.”

The first half, Bloomsburg had thorough offensive movement but California’s defense stood sturdy. The Huskies 5 corner kicks created numerous dangerous opportunities but the defense allowed no goals with the help of Lucas Exner who continually awes the crowd with fantastic saves.

Exner has a strong appreciation for his fellow teammates as he said “They help me a lot, without them we wouldn’t have this record.”

17:33 into the match, sophomore Christian Fletcher, who is returning from an MCL sprain, shot a rocket that ricocheted from the crossbar down to the goal line and back into play. Later in the half, in the 36th minute, Fletcher was able to put the Vulcans on the scoreboard.

The physicality throughout the game was apparent and Fletcher commented “We just have to build off this win and keep going the rest of the season with confidence that we can play with anybody.”

Due to a lack of a referee presence various fouls such as pushing, freshman defensive back, Kyle Richards to the ground after a tackle, it was clear Bloomsburg had no remorse for sportsmanlike conduct. Before the conclusion of the first half, another Bloomsburg player took out goalie Exner resulting in only a free kick.

In the second half Bloomsburg scored in the 66th minute to tie the game. The physicality of the match was significantly more prevalent in the succeeding half with yet another Bloomsburg player picking up freshman forward Cooper Amos and throwing him on the ground, leaving both players with red cards, towards the end of the match. Despite the tough calls, California continued playing and in the 80th minute Papageorgiou scored with the assist from Fletcher.

The goal was of high importance to the team because it not only put the Vuclans’ ahead but to Papageorgiou who stated “The kid that was marking me on the goal I’ve known since I was 9 years old so that makes it so much sweater to score on him.”

California advances to the 4th spot in the PSAC with a conference record of 2-1-1 and their overall 5-1-1. The Huskies continue to be the omega of the PSAC pack with a conference record of 0 wins, 5 loses and a tie. The win came after a four home game stretch with the Vulcans not returning home until the 8th of October against Millersville. The Vulcans travel to West Virginia on the 27th to take on Davis & Elkins at 7:30pm for a non-conference match.

MERCYHURST 4-1 12 5-2-1
WEST CHESTER 4-1 12 5-2-1
MILLERSVILLE 3-1-1 10 5-2-1
CALIFORNIA 2-1-1 7 5-1-1
GANNON 2-1-1 7 5-2-1
E. STROUDSBURG 2-2-1 7 3-3-1
LOCK HAVEN 2-2 6 4-3-1
SLIPPERY ROCK 1-2-1 4 1-4-1
SETON HILL 1-2 3 4-4
BLOOMSBURG 0-5-1 1 1-6-1
BLOOM-M 6 7 13 (8)
CAL-M 5 8 13 (7)
BLOOM-M 1 4 5
CAL-M 2 5 7
BLOOM-M 5 2 7
CAL-M 0 7 7
BLOOM-M 3 1 4
CAL-M 1 0 1